Ty Sciullo, The Next To Blow From Pittsburgh, PA

Artist Name: Ty Sciullo
Age: 20
Hometown: McKees Rocks

Tell us about your latest single: My latest single Unfinished Puzzle talks about how I’ve been lost all my life and every days a battle with my depression, but since I started making music I’ve finally starting to find myself and still searching everyday. It entitled unfinished puzzle because I’m just starting and this is only the beginning of my story.

Are you working on a new mixtape/project?I’m currently working on my first album (If It Ain’t Deep It Ain’t Real) it dives in deep with the journey Im on finding myself and coping with my depression, but its also a way for me to finally put my past in the past and to move forward with my career. This album isn’t just for my struggles it’s more-so for the fans this time around, to show them we’re all the Same on a certain level and we feel just as much as the next guy/girl. This albums the first chapter to my story and believe me it won’t be the last.

What are your favorite tracks on your latest project ?Fear, lost&found, I’m here.
“Fear” is a song I’ve been working on for a year now and it gets crazy emotional due to the fact it’s my goodbye song to my first love, it’s been a tough one to write but it was time to put the past in the past. “Lost&found” is the first song I wrote for the album which is still nowhere near done, but it’s about how every time I find myself I always restart back at the beginning and get lost in the maze that is my mind but at the end of the maze I still find myself. Finally “I’m here” is my I’m here to take what’s mine, this is my look at me song, I love it, it’s such a fast pace song with some mad bars and it’s just crazy.

What can we expect from you in 2018? Well to blow of course! Hahaha. But for real the goal of 2018 is to do nothing but grow, and by the end of 2018 to do a tour. I know it’s crazy to have this mindset that I’m gonna make it with in 2 years but I believe that’s why I will... I’m taking risk that those who talk about making it big and never do never did. I’m making connections, I’m making my presents known. Not only have I done this on my own back when I started 10 months ago I’m still doing it on my own now and have come so far, both voice wise, producing, mixing, and mastering. Every new song I make I always try to use a unique beat to make you go like “OH THIS IS DIFFERENT” and every song my styles different, I don’t wanna be consistent, I wanna keep changing and evolving. So yeah I may have a big ego so say I’m going to hit the music industry hard next year... but if I don’t then it’ll never happen..2018’s my year and I’m grabbing it by the balls.

Who would you want to work with on your future projects?
Witt Lowry, NF, and Sik World now doubt!!! All very talented artist that both inspire me everyday and changed my life. It’s funny cause our music all has similarities in a way, it all comes from pain and in my opinion that’s the best way to connect with anyone because pain is the one thing everyone feels. I actually met Witt Lowry a few weeks back and it was crazy. He’s a great guy and beyond humble, I told him give me 3 years and I’ll get him on a track. His response was “it’s a hard life, you’ll have mad obstacles to just, and those closest to you will betray you, but in the end if you work your ass off and don’t stop you’ll make it, and hopefully get me on one”. Since then I’ve been looking at every aspect and am almost ready to make my move.

Who did you grow up listening to?
The same guys every rapper grew up on, Eminem and Tupac, I mean there were others but those were the ones to have the most impact on my young mind.

What is your goal in music?
To connect with and inspire others, show them the life they live is only as bad as the effort they put into it, give them a new outlook on life and to live each day as it’s your last. Life’s short and I for one don’t wanna waste it by being the serious grumpy guy all the time, so I’ll always act like a kid by heart and be different be the outcast, the “maverick” because inside we’re all still kids no matter how old we become... the only difference is most people let society define how you should act and who you should be. Me... I’m just being me. It’s actually kinda funny thinking about it, cause I used to be scared to be me but the day I accepted who I was, was the day I finally embraced my life and my career was put on track. So my goal in music is to show others it’s ok to be different, to be the outcast, the oddball of the group, cause normal is beyond overrated and if it weren’t for people who think differently like us, society would be decades behind from where we are now.

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