Ty Sciullo - Unfinished Puzzle

I’m working on my first album “if it ain’t deep it ain’t real” and plan to release in in the next few months
I’m currently working on my first album “If It Ain’t Deep It Ain’t Real” and It’s already my best work by far, featuring several amazingly talented artists including (Nakuu, Rapta, Chrispy Light, Lily Massie, LanZ, and Random_412) I’m also looking in to getting the legend Ollie to feature hopefully. IIADIAR is talking about how much rap is becoming a mockery with these mumble rappers putting no meaning behind their music, it also deals with a lot of my inner struggles dealing with my depression, anxiety, bipolar, and how we all got a dark side deep down that I’m just now learning to use. So look forward to my best project yet and expect this to put me on the map.