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C. Wells Is putting Lynn, MA on the map w/ Don Cannon, Dave East & G Herbo

Name: C Wells
Age: 23

Hometown: Lynn, MA
Today we go a chance to touch bases with Lynn, MA native C-Wells. Recently releasing the "Before The Tour Bus" project, C Wells is on his way to becoming one of the biggest names from MA. Before the tour bus is a 10 track project with help from names like Dave East, & G Herbo. With Live Famous behind him, C Wells can't and won't be stopped. Check out the music & quick q&a below.

What are your 2 favorite tracks on your latest project? 
This Side & Off The Porch

What videos can we expect from you?So far there is a video out to "For The Paper" feat. G Herbo. But you can expect to see videos to This Side, From The Jump & a Short Film to 187 781.

Watch: C Wells ft. G Herbo - For The Paper 

Who would you want to work with on your future projects?
Drake, Lil Wayne, Jhene aiko, & j cole

Who did you grow up listening to?
Lil Wayne, 50 cent, Nas, & Jay Z

What is your goal in music?
To be mentioned with the greats & make timeless music.

There's is a lot in store for his fans. Get ready for the summer.