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AM Puts St.Louis, MO on the map w/ new song "Had Enough"

AM debuts his new single "Myself". After release of the "Don't Take It Personal" project, AM is pushing multiple single & this record is one for us. The song production is so cinematic, just the production itself pulls you in. Then AM accompanies the tracks with a dope flow, and great lyrics. Listen to "Myself" below. AM is putting st. louis on the map with this one.

Name: Antoine Weaver. Age: 24. Hometown: St. Louis, MO.

What are your 2 favorite tracks on your latest project?
My two favorite records on don't take it personal I could possibly say round trip featuring red Angel is definitely one and believe it or not "Myself because that record identifies the whole album basically.

What videos can we expect from you?
Most definitely "Myself & possibly "Thank Tha Lord.

Who would you want to work with on your future projects?
Who would I want to work with on my future projects I could possibly say believe it or not what The Game,50 Cent, Drake, Most Def Kendrick Lamar just because we're Gemini Brothers basically but Most over all Nicki Minaj I love style as a female shes great Salute!! & also can't leave Out Young Thug & Jada Kiss.💯

Who did you grow up listening to?
Tupac Shakur, Master P, Bone Thugs, all the way to late 2001 Then 50 Cent came On the seen & take over for a long while still bump his music right now to this day then the whole G- Unit came in Buck,Game, Loyld . Then Jeezy, Boosie, Ti, Ludacris. Lil Wayne been out since the mid 90's but really I didn't start listening Wayne He came With Oh No on thee Carter 2 Album. Then by the time I was 16 -18 then Ross, Drake, Cassidy came on the seen killing records all the way.

What is your goal in music?
8. Lifetime Commitment to the music Grammys on Grammys Ive been on lyrics seens 13 I'm not self-centered I just know that I got it As Jehovah told me Go Get It.

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