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News: Is @BalloutGangCEO The Next Up From The DMV? #FreeHugoBrick

Ballout Gang speaks on doing features with Kodak Black, & Lil Uzi, as there new single "Party Pack" takes over the DMV. We've got an exclusive interview with them and they are "the next up" from the DMV. Putting the DMV on the map, here's a full exclusive questionnaire w/ BallOut Gang.

Artist Name(s):
· Ballout Gang

· 26, 25, 24


Ballout Gang is an American Hip Hop group from Washington, DC, formed in 2015.

The group is composed of three members, known by their stage names HugoBrick, MikeMiez and BamBam. Ballout Gang released their mixtape “Ballout Gang: Season I”, in 2016, which caught the attention from Hip Hop Blogs like ,, and 

Ballout Gang is releasing their debut single “Party Pack”, which will be available everywhere. Two videos are currently in the making for that single as well as “Kim K” from the mixtape. The artist plan to release another mixtape later this year, which will include a single featuring Dj Khaled.

As an independent Hip Hop group Ballout Gang has received much recognition within their community and social media, and plan to continue to expand as a brand.

The group’s new mixtape will have exclusive production, which Underground Mixtape Reviewer Topaz Yates emphasized, saying that the content would be undeniable. Yates is one of the many accredited supporters of this project that will continue to gain publicity as the single is released.
 Check out the interview below: 

Tell us about your latest single "Party Pack":

· Party Pack was a song from “Ballout Gang: Season I” Mixtape we felt confident would be a great way to for us to debut. It’s a dope track! The recording process was fun, we felt like we could get the world to hear us, and feel us. Nothing was written down, that’s how we record, it was all off the top of the head but eventually built it out as concept

Are you working on a new mixtape/project?

· We are currently working on a mixtape; we hope to drop this spring. We plan to drop a music video for “Party Pack” soon. “BamBam” and “MikeMiez” will be dropping a singles soon from there solo projects that will be coming soon. We plan to team up with some new producers that have hit us up, to help with a new sound that will embody our story.

What are your 2 favorite tracks on your latest project "Ballout Gang - Ballout Gang Season I"?

· “Party Pack” of course, everybody like that song from friends to our fans around world. It was just a track that had a lot of energy and swag. Our second favorite would be “Ballout”, funny enough if was the last song we recorded, and ended up sounding like this introduction that just was raw, HipHop, street and no hooks just all bars. We shot our first #BalloutBikeLife Stunt Reel with that track and fans loved it so it was like our first chance to just give people our voice and vision all together.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

· You can expect growth, were independent and we mean really independent. We don’t have anyone major behind us. Ballout Gang, LLC is our record Label. We plan to keep working very hard to make our music, artist, and brand bigger and better. Expect more music from the Gang, and their solo projects. More #BalloutBikeLife videos and footage, check out our IG @BalloutGangCEO or our YouTube channel for more Vlogs. We plan to do some touring this year and hosting parties in our hometown for our city.

Who would you want to work with on your future projects?

· As far as working with anyone on future projects I mean were open, we like a lot of the artists in the game like Kodak Black, Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane, Future, Lil Uzi. So we definitely look forward to collaborating with a lot of different artist and producers.

Who did you grow up listening to?

· I mean we all 90’s babies so you already know The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Scarface, Trick Daddy, Nas, Jay-Z, DMX, AZ, Busta Rhymes, 8Ball &MJG, UGK and later like 50 Cent, Hot Boyz, Master P, to name a few.

What is your goal in music?

· Our goal in music is to flourish independently, as a label, group, artists. Ballout Gang is family so we all moving on the same page, we hungry, got drive and talent. We want to make our mark in the game. We want to be recognized by our fans as one of them and an example of hard work and dedication. We want to inspire young brothers from the streets to use your hustle and determination to empower themselves.

Listen: Ballout Gang - Party Pack 

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