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Chris Brown and Rihanna in France

Rihanna has been living on a yacht for the past week with her friends after her grandmother's death. They have been on all over the Mediterranean Sea and made a pit stop in St. Tropez to catch up on some shopping, club hopping and living the life!! Well Rihanna wasnt the only one in France on Saturday. Chris Brown was spotted going into St.Martinez Hotel in Cannes with Karrueche (Not Broken Up) but no one thought anything of it until Chris Brown tweeted picture and tweet of him flying in a helicopter by Ludacris that landed on a boat in ST. TROPEZ and add on to the fact Rihanna tweeting: Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit‘. ”Love is the easy part… Respect? Now that’s some impressive sh-t!!! #1Love’, ‘You don’t need the n-gga that loves you… You need the n-gga that VALUES the phuck outta you!!! #1Love,   ‘Don’t let company choose you… CHOOSE YOUR COMPANY!’, and earlier today, ‘#3words last night was beautiful’.
hhhmmm interesting right?

Welp what gave it away for me was Magic Johnson Outfit.Its the same in Rihanna and Chris Brown photo and his tweet saying ‘We had a great time hanging with Rihanna and her friends on the yacht’. who's WE? Magic you should have changed your shirt if you were trying to keep it low-key 


Check out the Pictures Below
-xoxo mayne
Magic Johnson, Rihanna and friends
Chris Brown, Magic Johnson (in the same outfit) and Swizz Beatz

Chris Brown and Karrueche in St. Martinez Hotel in Cannes (Not Broken Up) 

Ludacris flying helicopter with Chris Brown


Landed on "a boat" in St.Tropez


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