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Jay Electronica Cause Divorce in Powerful Family?

Well we know why we haven't heard any new music form Jay Electronica in awhile, he too busy banging some mega rich dudes wife.

He was the multi-millionaire son of the late financier and tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith, she a scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty.
But now Ben Goldsmith and his music producer wife Kate, who have three children, are to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap singer named Jay Electronica
The marriage ended with a dramatic showdown at the family home in Notting Hill, West London, on Wednesday morning.Mr Goldsmith, 31, confronted his 30-year-old wife over explicit text messages and emails he found on her smartphone that she had received from and sent to the New Orleans-born hip-hop artist, who now lives in London and is one of her clients.
I wonder what Jay-Z's going to say about this.


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